What is Hayfever?

The common name for allergic rhinitus, is an allergic reaction in the nose, throat and eyes.

Commonly occurring in spring and summer as caused by air-borne pollens from trees, plants and grasses.

Signs and Symptoms include:


Runny nose

Nasal congestion (blocked nose)

Puffy, itchy, watery and red eyes

Itchy nose, ears, mouth or throat

Post-nasal drip causing a cough

Decrease sense of smell and taste

Feeling tired, run-down, irritable

Dark circles under the eyes

These symptoms are often worse in the mornings and on windy days

(when air-borne pollen levels are high).



Medicines can relieve symptoms of hayfever and help prevent them recurring.

Ask your Pharmacist about a hayfever treatment suitable for you.


Self Care

In conjunction with treatment try to find out what may trigger your hayfever.

Some ways to protect against symptoms:

Avoid the outdoors when pollen levels are high

Wear good sunglasses

Make your environment smoke free

Clean your house regularly to remove dust and mould

Use low allergy bedding products


Please refer to your doctor if symptoms worsen or you have:


Ear ache

Swollen glands in the neck

Yellow, green or creamy discharge from the eyes

Yellow or green mucus in the nose

Shortness of breath or wheezing

Persistent cough