Weight Management

How to Lose Weight: Tips & Hints for Real Results

To get the best results for your own weight management, here are some simple but

great tips and hints on how to lose weight and achieve your weight loss goals:

Follow these simple tips.

Eat a varied diet that includes plenty of complex carbohydrates, fresh fruits

and vegetables to help your digestive system function at its best.

Avoid large, rich meals that overload your body. (Control your portion size)

Regular physical activity encourages muscle movement in your intestine,

which gets rid of waste and assists in weight loss.

Aim to drink about 2 Litres of water each day.

Clear your Environment.

Remove any “tempting” or high sugar, poor nutritional value foods from the fridge or pantry.

Stock up on all the things you know you can eat without guilt.

Being prepared is the key and will prevent giving in to fast food or quick fixes when hungry.

Have a Goal.

Choose an achievable and realistic goal. Then break it down into smaller milestones.

It’s often easier to achieve small goals one at a time on the way to your desired goal,

than to try and achieve it all at once.

Congratulate Yourself.

Reward yourself along the way as a pat on the back for your hard work.

Use your favourite form of pampering that doesn’t involve food eg. go to a movie,

have a massage, shop for some new clothes, etc.

Stay Motivated.

Often weight loss starts for a short term goal like a wedding or special celebration.

Short term goals are great in helping you start your weight loss, but are not always as

good at keeping you motivated long term.  To help you achieve a healthier lifestyle and

keep the weight off long term, take some time and write down the things you would like

to do once you have reached your weight loss goal, especially things you may have been

putting off because of your weight issues.  Look back on these regularly, check your

progress towards your goals to help keep you motivated.